EV’s Solution Offering

The most found items on beaches and public areas are cigarette butts (which can take at least ten years to decompose), food packaging and tableware such as forks, knives, and spoons, food wrappers and containers, beverage bottles, cans, straws, bottle caps, as well as single-use plastic bags – all disposables that contribute towards over 5 million to 14 million tons of plastic making its way into the oceans each year. Most of these plastics can take between 500-1000 years to degrade.

The EV is reducing direct harm to nature and animals – An average of 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone either from choking on, consuming, or becoming entangled in it. Foreign matter endangers the ecological habitats of many organisms, causing suffering and ultimate extinction as the foreseeable inevitability.

Pollution is unsightly and ruins tourist attractions giving off a bad reputation – Seaside communities boost our economies and when beaches are free of litter, tourists and visitors are much more likely to enjoy them and spend money at businesses in the surrounding area.

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Litter can negatively impact your sense of community and make people feel less safe – By cleaning it up, we’re creating a sense of accountability, showing pride for our community, and educating the next generation.

The EV is reducing harm to humans – They say what goes into the ocean ends up inside of us, more so if we eat seafood. The average seafood eater is consuming tiny fragments of plastic every year. The chemicals in these plastics can accumulate in our bodies over time and eventually cause health problems.  It’s been proven that humans can get sick from dirty water, as well as polluted beach sand. Harming aquatic and land habitats affects the entire earthly eco-system.

The figures children rely on for learning; peers, leaders, and the media – are simply not catering for and motivating enough global waste education-driven initiatives. The most imperative start we can make is to start at the core by educating our youth and creating awareness in and around our communities about the rippling effects of pollution. We are hopeful that the fascination with, and the uniqueness of this rubbish removing outdoor vacuum fosters mindfulness and an intrigue to clean!

The EV reduces exposure to injuries and unhygienic cleaning in public areas – Scattered and unmanaged waste can create a public health hazard just as much as an aesthetic one. Sharp pieces of litter can easily hide in sand or grass and cause serious injuries. Sharp-edged debris, glass fragments, condoms, syringes, and now more commonly masks, are all a risk when manually trying to clean up.

Other – Animals are attracted to humans due to their littering. Leaving waste at a camping site, nature reserve, or resort attracts animals towards humans. They tend to move closer to human civilization to taste and smell things that are unfamiliar to them, increasing the chances of animal attacks and disturbances in the natural cycles of nature. Heavily littered places are also prone to fires.