About Plastfree Ocean

Plastfree Ocean is an organization who contribute towards recycling and sourcing and distributing innovative ways to rectify the spread of the damaged oceanic habitats.

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Its founders, Bettina and Martin, were born and raised in Denmark (near Copenhagen), with a passion towards nature and the marines. Activities like travelling, snorkeling, and kayaking came with much enthusiasm. But, during exploration of the vast seas, came more exposure to and ultimately the fearless concern with the global plastic pollution pandemic, especially visible in the Mediterranean. “It seemed like a natural place for us to get started” Martin relays.

In Spain, they ventured into seeking solutions for the waste issue, discovering that only a minor number of organizations and companies have the operations, policies, or even the intention in place to reduce the plastic debris problem floating in and around the coasts.

They now have official roots in Malaga and are currently establishing a reliable and willing network not only there, but throughout the entire Europe. Scandinavia is also a part of their global presence.

They are currently working with various prospects in Spain, Poland and Denmark to re-introduce an existing form of technology called pyrolysis; taking recycled oil from pyrolysis plants which is then used to produce recycled plastic.

Adding to their heroic initiative, Plastfree Ocean have attained the exclusive rights to Europe and the Mediterranean area to sell the Enviro Buggy, the first battery operated beach vacuum cleaner of its kind.

About Sea The Bigger Picture

STBP works with the private sector, NGOs, and other economic and socio-economic market players through initiating regular beach clean ups and educational drives. 

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They also work towards expanding children’s knowledge, exposure, and understanding through their engaging sessions, sharing, and support with the goal of providing change and equal educational opportunities to youth about the natural world. “Educating them about our coastal ecology and how to mitigate the effects of pollution is just one significant part of the experience we bring”, adds one of their team leaders.

Defenders of the Blue is their core community program which introduces learners to oceanic habitats on our local shores. Engaging with children from across the Cape Metropole, they offer snorkeling courses aimed at building leadership skills and solidarity through encouraging a passion for the marine world.

COVID-19 has steered STBP to delve deeper into their passion and mission of providing educational and exciting beach-clean ups through their drive towards utilizing collaboration from different organizations who have the same goal in mind as their Defenders of the Blue program.

STBP believe that a meaningful relationship with nature assists children in flourishing connections with peers and other interpersonal relationships – encompassed upon respect. Their aim is to underpin the concept of community, shared responsibility, and diversity. To cultivate in each child accountability and ownership of their work and a meaningful identity in the direct environment and beyond.