Once the Enviro Buggy is charged and an area has been identified to clean, the operator removes the vacuum pipe from its bracket, straps up, and switches the unit on as instructed. The operator then easily chooses the strength of suctioning, the direction, and the speed at which he/she wants to move. The speed is increased or decreased by using the hand-throttle which, when released, the buggy will stop driving immediately.

The operator aims the vacuum pipe at the litter on the ground, the pipe vacuums up plastic and debris smaller than 100mm in diameter. The debris is then sucked into the main collection bin that contains two different sized filtration baskets.

The first filter basket catches the larger items, and the second filter basket catches the smaller items, as well as allows sand to drop through to the trap door area. The sand is then released by opening the trap door at the bottom of the collection bin. The filtered plastic and organic debris which is caught in the two filter baskets can be removed by lifting the baskets out of the main collection bin. The waste should preferably be ecologically disposed of.


Specifications (fully assembled)

1.7 m x 1.2 m x 1.7 m

+- 240kg complete with batteries

Specifications (flat-pack position)

1.9 m x 1.3 m x 0.9 m crated

+- 190kg complete without batteries


Steering arm

Control unit on the steering arm consisting of:

Battery Indicator displaying percentage of power available

Main switch (on/off)

Forward and reverse switch

Main vacuum switch (on/off)

Vacuum strength switch

Main switch fuse and fan fuse

Cable supply leading to battery box at the rear

Front cont.

Spring-loaded throttle type hand grip located on the steering arm (motor bike type) for speed control.

Arm sling and arm rest for better support when operating the vacuum pipe

3m long vacuum pipe made of PVC with a diameter size of 0.1m. The vacuum pipe can clean on either side of the buggy 

0.05m PVC pipe for ingress into smaller areas



Main collection bin consisting of:

Top lid with air flow vents and handle to open and remove the collection baskets

Top filtering basket that catches larger objects and waste

Bottom filtering basket that catches smaller debris and from which sand filters through

Viewing window to check how full the bin is

Trap door with rubber clips to open and release sand from the collection bin

Pneumatic wheels (golf cart type) 0.4 m diameter x 0.17 m wide and 0.2 m inside rim diameter


Vacuum motor

Drive motor to propel forward and reverse

Battery box consisting of:

Option – 12V batteries which are wired in series providing the 48V to the brushless DC motors with power

Option – Lithium batteries

Option – Gel batteries

Built in battery charger

Two motor controllers

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